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    A CD

    Got to chatting with a CD the other day, and I was aware it happened, but not really aware. It seems on Grindr, there are aton of CD's and Trans who, well for lack of a better term are hooking.

    Of course we don't call it that there, it is a donation. Well, a donation to suck your dick is still selling it.

    We got to talking about jobs, and she/he commented how lucky I am, she/he has to sell her body to avoid living on the edge and wodnering if they will eat the next day. My first thought was a touch of anger, I am NOT lucky. I started at the bottom when my old company closed, and went right back to square one working a window as a cashier, I sacraficed, gave things up an dput in extra work. Yeah I run the company now....................but luck was not part of the equation.

    Now, this person is less passable than me (And in no way do I pass unless it is adark room), so I asked, why not dress male and apply for jobs. The answer was, they take me as I am or not at all, again, keep in mind this person didnt claim to be transitioning, just cross dressing. They also did not wish to go out in public as a CD because they know the hatred and ridicule they will get.

    Maybe I didnt understand, but it came across as I really dont want to work like the rest of you, so I create this issue as an excuse. Personally, I dress and look male for work, I enjoy having new cars and eating out, so, I floors me someone would rather sell themselves, and struggle and barely get by, over a refusal to conform to an employer for 8 hours a day

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    Re: A CD

    Wait until they find out that selling themselves isn't all that lucrative. I was taught that you do whatever you gotta do so if you gotta dress male and get a job, then that's what you do and do your CD thing when you're not working and supporting yourself like an adult is supposed to do.

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    Re: A CD

    Guess I was lucky too. Lucky to work 70 hour weeks for years. Lucky to drive older cars for decades instead of smothering myself in debt. Lucky to do my job to the best of my ability and when I got a raise or bonus that was less than I expected, I just worked harder for the next time. I'm now in my 60's and well off but I worked my ass off for the last 45 years to get here.

    I pity someone who feels selling themselves is their only choice to avoid living on the streets but it is their choice, not their only choice.

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    Re: A CD

    Having dabbled in cross dressing (mainly for my own satisfaction), I found it to be an intense and erotic experience. I remember, even as a young boy, I would "borrow" a pair of my mom's or sister's pantyhose and panties, even wore them to school under my regular clothes on a few occasions. After I would return home, I would have some of the best masturbation sessions. It turned out to be somewhat of a fad though. I'm not sure if it was the fear of getting caught or the fantasies had just run their course and I moved on to other things.

    Fast forward several years later after I entered the full time workforce and was able to afford my own apartment, I began to get really into tranny and CD porn. Then, one day, and I'm not sure what sparked the idea, I was shopping at an out of town department store for some household items and somehow ended up in the women's clothing section. As I was wondering through the isles, I was approached by an older saleslady who asked me if I was looking for anything in particular? I quickly responded that I was looking for an outfit for my girlfriend who was just starting a new job.

    I don't think she fully believed me, but she proceeded to help me find a nice dress and blouse. She even walked me to the shoe department where I was able to find a pair of high heels. By that time, I think the sales woman had probably figured it out, but she was going along with the ruse in order to get the sale. She even asked me if my girlfriend would be in need of anything else... that they were having a big clearance on panties and bras. At that point, I thought what the hell, and asked her if she could show me a few items. She quickly led me to the lingerie section where we picked out a nice lace bra and panty set.

    I was kind of embarrassed as I paid for the items, but that quickly faded as I got into my car. I quickly drove to a nearby drug store where I purchased a pair of nylons and a tube of lipstick to complete the outfit. Then, I drove to another pharmacy and bought a bottle of lube and an enema kit. I recall being so horny as I drove home, it was all I could do to keep from pulling over and jerking off.

    As soon as I got home, I used the enema (not knowing where the evening might lead), showered and even shaved my legs. I don't have a lot of body hair anyway, so I figured no one would ever notice. As I unpacked the clothes and removed the tags, I began to get hard just thinking about how they would feel and make me look. I even opened a fresh bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion. A few months earlier, I had bought a butt plug kit with three different sized plugs. After my second glass, I started the process of getting dressed. Feeling a bit bold, I took out the medium plug and slowly worked it in until it was secure.

    It took me a while to get everything on, but it was obvious that the saleslady had a good eye in terms of look and fit. For the final touches, I applied the lipstick and and put on an old wig that I had bought several years earlier as part of a Halloween costume. As I checked myself in the mirror, all in all, I didn't look bad. Although certainly not passable (at least in the daytime), I thought with a little more work, I might be able to pull off a night time adventure.

    Over time, with the help of YouTube and a few rounds of make-up, I was ready for the acid test. I posted a few ads online and immediately I began getting hits. Lots of hits. Nothing for pay, of course. I just wanted the experience. Finally I had narrowed down the field to a few men whom I thought I could trust.

    While on a business trip to Northern California, I agreed to meet with my first encounter at a hotel lounge. It was a little awkward at first, but after some small talk and a few drinks, we retired up to his room. I guess for both of benefits, he kept the lighting down low, but he was hard as a rock and had one of the nicest cocks I'd ever seen. At least 7 inches and thick as a red bull can. The plan was that he wanted to fuck, but after going down on him for about 5 minutes, he came. After that, he kind of lost interest and told me I could show myself out. I kind of had to do the walk of shame down the hall to the elevator and out the lobby.

    Later that night, after I got back to my hotel room, I opened my purse to empty it and I found 2 $100 bills stuffed inside. To this day, I don't know how he did it, but it was appreciated nonetheless.

    It was totally unintended, but I can see how if people are desperate to survive, they could do that. The bad part is there are a lot of dangerous situations that can occur in the process.

    I took the cash and after I got home, I bought $300 worth of groceries and donated it to the local food bank. Some of us are more fortunate than others.
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