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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    i want to be lying on my bed, nude of course, on my back with my head hanging over the edge and a nice uncut cock being wiped all over my mouth and face, have the guy jerk off and keep feeding my his precum, do this until he can't stand it anymore and he puts the head in my mouth and jerks off, making me swallow all the scum, then he wipes his scummy cock all over my face so i smell like cock and cum.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Outstanding. How I wish my wife was into Bi MM Play

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by hung4you View Post
    I have been somewhat fortunate to have experienced most of my fantasies, safe and clean play is paramount and i take a lot of pride knowing that my sexual partners feel the same. That said we often engage in some very hot and frenzied sex. However i did realize my most thought out sexual fantasy a year ago, I have always wanted my wife to suck my dick as i got plowed by my buddy. On my back legs spread wide and getting my ass pumped my wife swallowed my 8 inch cock and let me tell you that my orgasm was so intense it almost hurt in a good way. I filled her throat just as his throbbing dick was pumping me full of his cum. He pulled out and a river of juice was running out of my ass as the wife took her fingers and finger fucked me. All the while still licking my cock like a cum whore. The whole episode lasted a mere 30 minutes but is was the most intense 30 minutes i have ever experienced.
    Outstanding!! How I wish my wife was into Bi MM Play

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    I really would like to be seduced by a beautiful Latina or asian woman with beautiful legs and breasts. Once i undress her i find she is a beautiful transsexual. Instead of shock it makes me hard, harder and hornier than i have ever been. We kiss passionately, lie next to each other and stroke our cocks together. I kiss my way done to her rod and lick and suck it like a kid with an ice cream cone. She returns the favor. We 69 for a while, then she gets me on all fours and licks my rosebud until its so moist, then eases in her lubed up love tool and fucks me hard.
    She then mounts me and we fuck until we pass out in a heap of sweaty cum filled sheets. We shower later and repeat it again and again....
    I love to have my bread buttered on both sides

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Gang bang for sure. To be the only bottom in a bareback gang bang, ten tops and all of them put a load down my throat and a load up my ass

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Being naked in front of a cheering crowd. Alternatively, being nude somewhere in public. :D

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    lizard-lix, your #3 is at the top of my bisexual fantasy list.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Me too with this one

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    I would also want to be on my knees sucking at least 40 different men to completion one after one all cumming in my mouth my dream day

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Mine would have to be fucking a cute bottom boy while he is fucking my wife missionary style. Getting the rhythm just right so I can hold still and he's doing all the moving to get all 3 of us off.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    I would love to be sucking on a nicely trimmed pussy as it is getting impaled by a beautiful big dick.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    To be asked by gf to suck cock for her. It would be so hot to lick his hard on, his balls and slip his beautifully erect cock in my mouth while she watches me suck him to completion.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Mine is to lick my wife's pussy while a big cock is fucking it, and licking his shaft...sometimes taking him in my mouth. And when he cums, I clean him off, then suck all of his cum out of her pussy.

    Another is to share a cock with her, both of us sucking and licking until he cums in our mouths and on our faces, then we clean each other up.

    And finally I want to get fucked from behind while Im eating her out.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by downforce View Post
    Mine is to lick my wife's pussy while a big cock is fucking it, and licking his shaft...sometimes taking him in my mouth. And when he cums, I clean him off, then suck all of his cum out of her pussy..
    That has always been a fantasy of mine as well....preferably while I'm on the bottom doing 69 to her while she is getting fucked. That would be so hot!!

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    I am in agreement with many of you here. This is not only one of my fav fantasies but also a reality that had occurred many many times once I found us the right groups of couples. It is also how I first introduced my husband to getting his anal hole popped. I was in a 69 with my husband, me on top. We were eating and sucking away. I was fingering him, then toying him, then larger ones, then had a few friends sneak in and carefully slide in-between his legs and introduce their cock to his anus. They had condoms on the first few times and were not allowed to grab or touch him. I still think he had no idea. Several times afterwards we discussed it. I asked how he felt about having his a** f***ed and he of course loves it, then I asked how about the real deal. We’ve obviously had this discussion many times over the years working up to this moment. I told him that the couples we’ve been having same room sex with were all bi or bi curious couples and the wives and their husbands all were interested in him taking cock and getting his a** cum filled. I was masturbating at this point. As many of you know he agreed if I agreed to do something with the ladies. Short version is I set up the same scenario and told him how I wanted to be f***ed over his face while he got his a** f***ed. It happened. And to this day, I still get it in a major way in this position watching up close as his hole gets cum f***ed & filled over and over and over again by people we trust and care. I have a few more fav fantasies that have come true but this is my top. And watching live video of guys taking my directly over his face can make me almost cream all over him.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by wifekinky4husband View Post
    I was fingering him, then toying him, then larger ones, then had a few friends sneak in and carefully slide in-between his legs and introduce their cock to his anus. They had condoms on the first few times and were not allowed to grab or touch him. I still think he had no idea.
    Before a bunch of others flood this thread with comments like: 'Wow -- wish I had a wife like you!', let me say 'Wow -- wish I had a wife like you!'

    I just wanted to comment that my guess is that he knew he was getting the 'real thing'. There are some dual-density dildos that feel quite a bit like a real cock, but older, less-expensive conventional toys just don't, at least in my limited experience. The feel of having a real cock in you, combined with the psychology of the situation, is divine!

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Yes. I like that too.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    I like to Uber once in awhile for extra cash. I have this fantasy where I pick up a guy from the airport and take him to his hotel. On the way we get talking. He asks me if there are places in the area where guys can meet other guys. I make some recommendations and he asks why do I know about these places and asks if I suck cock. I tell him yes. As we pull up to his hotel, he asks me if I’d like to log off of Uber and hang out. I agree. We go to his room and he undresses me. We take a hot shower together, have a couple
    of drinks, and then I suck his cock real slow. When he cums, he’s a heavy cummer and I take his load on my face. He then shoves his cock dripping with cum down my mouth and thrusts hard to get the last drop out. I clean up, get dressed, and go back to ubering.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tungtwat View Post
    I have had this fantasy , I'm naked ,on my knees with my hands tied a group of older men are stroking their cocks as one gets ready to shoot his load , He grabs my head while shoving his cock in my mouth as he starts to cum . I have to take his cum and swallow till he's finished. The next man ready to cum takes his pklace and i have his cum to take and swallow .

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    I really want to be fucked orally and anally by multiple guys. I would love to have a cock deep in my ass and deep down my throat at that same time. Both stuffing there big hard cocks as deep as they can at the same time, over and over again. Starting slow, but eventually pounding me hard from both ends, then both shooting there big loads inside me at the same time. Then two more guys do the same thing, then two more, and two more. 10 guys with big hard cocks would be awesome. My cock gets so hard just thinking about it!!

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Two of my favorites ...
    1) I'm visiting a female friend while on a vacation. I'm aware that her husband is bi. She and I have discussed it on the phone. She talks to her husband about allowing me to visit and he's good with it. We exchange nude pictures and I can't wait to meet both of them. I find their place and she makes us a wonderful dinner. We drink craft beers and fine wine and after dinner we're relaxed. She starts by describing how nice her husband's cock is when it's hard. He's smiling on the couch and he slowly undresses. She takes my hand and guides it to his cock and I slowly stroke him. She grabs our hands and leads us into their bedroom. We all strip, sipping wine and speaking softly. It's romantic and gentle and warm.
    She gives us gentle instructions and guidance.
    "Please kiss him," she instructs me. And we do. She works on my cock and he does too and I get very hard.
    She has me lie on my back, lets spread, and he very slowly enters me. It's a little uncomfortable but very pleasurable. I'm almost in tears, it's so intense. She soothes me, brushing my hair as he slowly fucks me. She sits on my face and I eat her pussy while her husband plunges into me. She cums on my face, gushing her wonderful juices all over me. She repositions herself and I suck on her tits like a child needing milk. Finally, he slows down slightly and I feel his warm sperm spurt into me. At the same time, I begin to cum, cock untouched, spewing warm sperm all over my stomach. He and I kiss softly, moaning ...

    2) I meet a much younger college-aged guy in a bar while I'm traveling. We share a few beers and realize we're at the same motel. We agree to have a drink in his room after we have dinner and pay the bill. Back at his room, he casually mentions that he loves to watch porn, streaming it from his laptop to the motel TV. He asks if I want to watch some and I say, "Sure" and he begins playing all forms of porn; straight, bi, gay, lesbian. He asks if I'm offended by MMF or gay porn and I assure him I'm okay with it. I see him watching me as he sits next to me in a chair, trying to judge my reactions. During one video featuring an older guy with a younger guy, I see him touch himself through his jeans and smile. I smile back. He reaches over and squeezes me arm and I nod He stands up and drops his jeans and pulls off his shirt, sitting in his underwear. Eventually I join him in my underwear. The TV is filled with super hot images. He stands up, inches from my face, his cock bulging in his tiny bikini underwear. I put my hands on his tight, smooth ass and pull down his undies, taking him in my mouth and gently sucking him. He moans. He encourages me to stand up and I do. He jerks down my undies and frot, hugging tightly and finally kissing softly. He is shaved completely smooth. We climb onto the bed.
    He sets up a video camera, assuring me he can blur out my face and that he'll send me the video. I accede to his wishes. We begin kissing some more. He takes on an increasingly feminine personality and lies spoon fashion with me. I rub his sweet ass and he pulls his cheeks apart. I slide my cock between them and grind. I slip into him, my hands on his hips and slowly thrust deep. My arms around him, kissing the back of his neck, I fuck him into oblivion, both of us cumming at the same time, the bed covered with fragrant sperm.

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    Got three

    Got three to relate:

    First, my wife and I enjoy a lot of anal sex (at her initiation). I sometimes bring an iPad with a lot of assorted porn videos into our bedroom and I noticed that her favorites were gay porn with a theme of upperclassmen fucking new boys at a private boy's school. When I'm buried in her wonderfully tight asshole and stroking in and out I'll make her tell me what she likes about the videos. She says she likes the fear of the new boys and how the older boys have bigger cocks and how they stretch the young boys tight little assholes as they pound away. (Her asshole is really tight and I love prepping her and then slowly filling her, inch by inch! She loves it too, even though it hurts at first!) When she says that my cock gets harder inside her! We've discussed that I'm bisexual and she knows I'd love to fuck a sissy gurl while she helps and watches! I don't think it will ever happen, but it's so exciting!!

    Second one is the text below from my self introduction:

    Finally, I've recently started fantasizing about sharing my wife in a DP with another man. I'd make her wear a think little silk top and some small lacy panties, and I'd blindfold her before I take her in to the bedroom where my friend is waiting on the bed, his big cock standing up hard! I'd lead her gently in to the room, tell her how big his cock is and how it's going to stretch her pussy when he enters her. Then I'd turn to him and lift her top and talk about the breasts he's going to enjoy soon; I'd fondle them and describe her nipples and listen to her breathing speed up. I'd slide my hand into her panties and tell him how nice her pussy feels. I'd slide a finger into her and then tell my friend how wet her cunt was and how much she must want his big cock to fill her and stretch her open! The fantasy continues on, imagining how her cunt feels when he fucks her, I make her offer a nipple to him, and so on.

    Since I started this fantasy I've begun describing it to my wife when I'm buried in her exquisitely tight little asshole, taking her slowly through my vision! Sometimes she objects that she wouldn't do it, but she always ends up excited and moaning and finally cumming again and again!

    Third and last is also from my introduction:

    Realized I was bi a few years ago and I've been having fun exploring that side of me, but only in the cyber world. Have a fuck-friend, a guy, that I've been attached to for three years. He's discovered his inner sissy and we've been evolving together. I love how she's becoming a girly feminine sissy, she talks about panties she wants to wear and then slowly wiggle her ass past me and make me hard. I've become Daddy, a dominant possessive man, and she's my submissive little cunt to use and share with my friends!

    That's it! Hope on of them strikes a chord with some of you!!
    a dirty old man who loves his sweet sluts

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    My fantasy is that I'm at a secluded beach with another guy. He's about the same height and weight as me. Pretty cut, well defined muscles. We're both wearing speedos. I ask him to rub some sunscreen on my back. He starts rubbing the lotion into my shoulders, but pretty soon his hands are kneading my pecs and tweaking my nipples. At this point he's kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobe. I'm powerless to resist even though I've never done anything with a guy. His hands wander down and cup my rapidly hardening speedo-clad dick. I gasp. He spins me around and goes in for a hungry kiss. I feel his tongue probe my mouth and dance with mine. He bites my lower lip. He hooks his thumbs into my speedo waistband and slowly lowers them. My dick springs free. My hands wander all over his muscular back and finally down to his spandex- covered butt. I massage it and finally lower his swimsuit. His cock jumps out and our dicks bump against each other. He draws me towards him, kissing me deeply. I grind my pre-cum leaking dick into his. He puts his hands on my shoulders and gently pushes me down. On my knees, I see his bulbous, mushroom-shaped at eye level. I stick out my tongue and lick the tip. He jerks involuntarily. I take a few inches into my mouth and start sucking enthusiastically. I take more, and soon his pubes are tickling my nose. I'm caught off guard as he shudders and cums in torrents, flooding my mouth. I swallow most of it, milking out the last drops. He's panting as we collapse on the beach towel. Now he's running his hands all over my abs and chest. He grabs my cock. His grip is so firm and different from a woman's. He leans over and takes me in his mouth. Now he's fondling my balls. I'm so turned on, I shoot almost immediately. He grunts and swallow my jizm. We lie on the towel and he runs his fingers through my hair. When we get up, we wander over to the water and wade in waist-deep. It's cool and refreshing. We start to make out again. Now we are both erect again. Wriggling out of his strong embrace, I sprint back to the warm sand. He chases after me. I fall into the towel on my back and he jumps on top of me. We wrestle. He jerks my cock a few times and flips me over. He pulls a tube of lubricant from the bag nearby and greases up his dick. He positions the head at the entrance to my asshole and eases it in. It's painful at first but then starts to feel great. Soon I can feel his scrotum slapping against mine. Momentarily, I feel him tighten and then his sperm gushes into me. He reaches around and firmly works my dick. I bust all over the towel. Finally we slump over, and his softening penis plops out. We fall asleep in the sun, with him embracing me.

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    Re: Got three

    As a (so far) "straight" guy, most of my fantasies revolve around being seduced by an attractive bisexual or gay guy. It could be in the gym or in the apartment complex. Basically we become casual friends and then he slowly pushes the envelope with casual touching and suggestive double entendres. Eventually he's giving me a back rub or we're in a hot tub or we're on a camping trip and the next thing I know my cock is in his mouth. Pretty soon I'm on my knees running my tongue around the crown of his cock. After the initial event, we continue as secret gay lovers.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Imagine Im ricky

    Young at heart, Ricky enjoyed being tied down and used for pleasure. He enjoyed being totally helpless and succumbing to their lustful wants, needs, and desires.

    Rick was coming upon his 21st birthday, very special indeed. Sylvester, Rick's friend of 10 years, knew something of Rick's desires and fantasies. He wanted him to have a very special birthday this year for his 21st. He called a few friends to arrange one of his fantasies to come true. It was a very special surprise that he needed help from at least five others to make it extra special. He just happened to be house-sitting for relatives so he knew he had to make his fantasy come true on Saturday night on the 21st of April. It was to be perfect. The master bedroom had plenty of space, about 200 sq ft. Sylvester arranged his friends to help with the scene.
    This was less of a challenge since Rick was bisexual and was open to both men and women. He was also into rope, Sylvester remembered, but Rick never got to explore this side of his fetish or kink.
    Todd, a very young hot stud completely smooth all over except for the hair on his head and some minimal pubic hair was a mutual friend from high school and wanted to be a part of Ricky's special party. He was going to be perfect since Ricky loved younger guys.
    Christopher and Christine were a married couple that loves to swing and heard about this party from a friend of theirs.
    Carrie and Kathy were in their 20's and loved feet with a passion since they had a foot fetish.
    This was about to become a reality but Sylvester couldn't bring everything together without more experience. He had to consider someone with the organizing ability he needed. He came across two people with almost identical qualifications 1 guy and 1 gal. Since they both knew what they were doing, he just got both to be safe. Ricky's fantasy was not going to fail! Ken and Tammy were both dominant and right for the job. They would oversee the entire operation. What they said always goes! They both set the scene with the proper scents, toys, and sensations.
    Sylvester invited Ricky into the house at 9 pm, the perfect crisp evening of a perfect 70 degrees F, to show him around and finally ended up in the bedroom and Rick noticed ropes on the bed and asked about them. Sylvester said, "Try them on?" Ricky consented and was tied down spread eagle nice and tight while being fully nude. Ricky trusted Sylvester implicitly so he did what he was told.
    First, as foreplay, Ricky was blindfolded as Sylvester lit two candles on the sides of the room, one lavender, and the other jasmine. As these pleasant aromas filled the air, Ricky felt some light caressing and touching as 2-3 people explored his entire body starting with his head, slowly down his chest through his crotch and legs all the way down to his toes. Unbeknownst to Ricky, everyone was setting up his surprise and layed some toys down near his respective areas, like a vibe near his ass.
    Suddenly he felt a throbbing juicy cock being shoved fast and hard into his mouth and is told by Tammy he better just open up and enjoy it. As Todd forced Ricky to blow him he let out a dramatic intense moan as Ricky put his mouth on his cock head.
    Next Chris performed fellatio on Ricky, almost as if Ricky performed 69 since Ricky blew Todd and Chris blew Ricky. Blindfolded, Ricky could only guess who blew him, Christine or Christopher. Since her hands cupped his balls, we know who it is but Ricky doesn't. This only confused Ricky more since Christopher alternated with Christine as his/her hot wet tongue slowly went up and down his shaft while literally blowing on his head on the end of each stroke.
    Then as she blew him, Chris performed anal stimulation in which a butt plug vibrated in Ricky's ass while starting an erotic orgasm, the best of his life. It built as the tension increased. This lasted a long time but notwithstanding, Carrie and Kathy sucked his toes and gave him a foot massage at the same time.
    Ricky is startled as Ken's voice crackles the scene and the quiet night, and he demands better performance from all involved. His satisfaction must be adhered to while controlling the entire action. Ken has been a dom, since his early days, about 20 years now. Ken has no rules except to listen to him intently and without question. He specialty is to control at least 3-4 people at a time. He loves oral play and actions that are not always sexual in nature. Massages, feet, and ass play are just some of the things he enjoys.
    Tammy, on the other hand, loves to dominate men mostly, but enjoys watching and commanding as she hears her voice go across the rooms she has played in.

    Since Ricky is usually a giver, Sylvester insisted that this entire scenario last until, and not a moment before, everyone in the room reached an orgasm. Both Ken and Tammy agree and told Chris and Christine to play with each other while they continued to pleasure Ricky. They commanded NO edging from anyone at all. Carrie and Kathy are told to mutually masturbate each other while worshipping His feet.
    But due to the relentless stimulation all over his body at the same time, Ricky climaxes first with the fiercest roar and moan, even startling Christine and Kathy.

    Bi-guy N Vega$

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    With two other guys, all of us naked. I bend over the side of the bed and one of them pounds me rough and deep as the other watches. He shoots his load deep inside me, then takes either close-up pics or video of the cum dribbling out of my ass. The other guy and I climb into the bed and 69, swallowing each other's cum. While we are doing that, the guy who fucked me washes off. Then the two guys spitroast me, with them switched so I suck the guy who fucked me, and the guy I 69'd with now fucking me.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Online fantasy: Someone jerks off to my pics, and sends me either a video of it or a pic of the aftermath. And describes what they'd do to me if we were doing it for real.

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    Sign me up for two gorgeous transgender women having their way with me and a third sucking me while the other two spit-roast me. All of them take turns cumming in me then keeping me around for their own use

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    Re: What are your fantasies?

    A passable, mature CD.




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